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Like the aroma of an old family recipe being prepared, or a photo album full of snapshots, for many the sound of a piano and family singing around it is what makes a house a home. 90% of Americans believe music brings a family closer together.

For ages, amateur and professional musicians have talked about music"s life affirming qualities, but in just the last decade, science has finally begun to prove what so many have known in their hearts for so long: that music making has life enhancing powers. Music can build us up, bring us closer together, and help us realize our dreams. It shares our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions through a song and can become a lifelong companion.

As a Piano and Voice teacher I strongly believe that music lessons are more than just about developing certain capabilities:

They are a means of expressing ones emotions through the arts.
It is a proven stress reliever for children and adults.
A way to share a part of yourself with friends and family and also a lot of fun !

Private music lessons are always the preferred method since it ensures that the student has a more comprehensive musical learning experience and allows progress at their own pace (often a faster pace as compared to other students). Private lessons are highly recommended for piano or voice study. Research shows that playing an instrument help students more than computer training. Learning piano boosts student math achievement.

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I love working with new students, so if you have never played before, or if you are very new to piano or voice, I am offering a FREE first 30 min. of an hour lesson at my home studio in Scottsdale with no obligations. I do require that you at least own the instrument on which you intend to study before taking your first piano lesson. You dont have to bring it with you, just have one at home.