About my Students

My piano and voice students range in age from five to sixty six. My young students take piano or/and voice lessons because they enjoy musical activity and because their parents recognize the importance of music in their life. 95% of Americans believe that music is part of well-rounded education and an activity that can be enjoyed throughout life.
My adult students, both working and retired, share a common passion to learn the piano or voice, whether they studied music as children or not. I believe it"s never too late to start.

Most of my students live in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley area, but some are willing to travel from other parts of the Valley.
This photo album represents my past and current piano and voice students from 2007 - 2017 .

Musical family After recital at the retirement home Haley is finishing her theory Teaching Kylee Stokes family after the piano and voice recital
Christmas performance was fun! After the Christmas recital Michael performing Ly is ready to sing After the performance for retired folks
Performing at the event Happy siblings With Lana at the MIM Julia singing at the Polish club We love playing duets!
 Dr. George loves Mozart International student Jose Manuel and his family from Mexico city Rachel"s wedding in England after she graduated from Cambridge Natali loves to sing Disney songs Dr.Ed enjoys singing
Julia performing
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgvP5rcNDoY Aimee is working on her flash cards Rachel visiting from SF Andrew now has  music degree from  Boston music school. Natalie performing at the big New Years party
Michael Calvoni  got a degree in musical theatre from NAU and got married. Just picked a nice piano for Debbie. Performed a duet with Yana. Rahimian siblings are all grown up. Performing with Rosemary at the Christmas party.
Practicing a fun Christmas trio with my 2 students- siblings.        
We enjoy performing and having other fun together!