How to Practice

Making the Most from Practice Time

Children starting piano lessons should practice 20 - 30 minutes each day, six days a week, keeping in mind that quality of the practice is as important as quantity.
Missing more than one day of practice per week can make it harder for the student to master concepts and skills.

The further a student advances the more practice is required. Practice time can also include parent/child interaction, in the form of help with flashcards, worksheets and puzzles.

It is normal for a child"s interest in music to be inconsistent over time, but to be successful you will need to be consistent in your encouragement and commitment to music instruction.

How To Practice - More Info

Even if you know all the fingerings and notes, and you can read the music well, practice is the essence of it all. It is crucial to be committed in your practicing, at least 5-6 days a week. Here are more tips:

1. Set a daily schedule for practice and comply with it. It is important to condition yourself into practicing everyday so that your body get used to the routine. At first, it could be tedious but as you go on learning the essentials, it is enjoyable hearing the way you play.

2. Your piano should be in a quiet place that is uncluttered, with proper lighting. The space should be free from anything that might distract you like a TV or stereo. This will enable you to concentrate when practicing.

3. Always warm up first. Exercise your fingers with some simple notes then proceed to harder ones. An exercise should make your fingers stretch to reach some keys that are hard to reach. This will be helpful when playing fast paced notes and music.

4. Follow your teacher"s directions and try to remember.

5. Make your practice goal-oriented. A goal will make you more focused and will help motivate you to improve and succeed. Finishing a goal will be satisfying and fulfilling.

6. Try to maintain a positive attitude when practicing and include rest periods if you are stressed or tired.

Always remember that practice makes it perfect !