About Teacher Nicole McClusky
"To Teach is to Touch Ones Life Forever"

NICOLE MCCLUSKY is a classically trained piano and voice instructor with more than 25 years of International teaching and performing experience. She has a degree from the Lithuanian State Conservatory and utilizes both classical European and contemporary American styles in her teaching practice in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley area.

Following graduation from the Lithuanian Conservatory in 1984, Nicole began teaching private piano and voice lessons at the Kaunas Pedagogy School. During this period she worked as an accompanist throughout the Kaunas area and sang (including solo work) in both the internationally known Leliumai chorus, and Kaunas Teachers Chamber Ensemble. Her participation in these two groups required tours throughout eastern and western Europe including festivals in the Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland and Italy. Nijole continued her teaching practice in the United States after relocating to San Diego California in 1995.

For many years Ms. McClusky and her late husband were volunteers for PBS, the Orpheum Theater, and the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Nijole has been a member of the esteemed Arizona State University chorus and currently plays bells for a church choir in Paradise Valley. She continues to volunteer for the Phoenix symphony and Arizona Ballet.

Ms.McClusky loves to perform solo, and with her students for the local retirement communities and is an active member of Phoenix piano and Chamber clubs.

Nicole"s teaching practice includes piano and voice lessons in her North Scottsdale home studio and/or in client"s homes. She is also available as an accompanist and entertainer at private parties and social events.

Ms. McClusky believes that to teach is to touch student"s life forever.