Lesson Policy

SCHEDULING: Once a week lessons are recommended for most students and two per week for Pre-K. Other special arrangements can be made.

DEPOSIT: In order to apply initial deposit for remaining lessons, it is necessary to provide your instructor with at least 4 weeks advance notice. A four week notice is also required to make permanent schedule changes (see policies for tardiness and cancellations).

STUDIO: It is necessary to keep your nails short and neat. No eating or gum-chewing allowed during lessons.

IN-HOME LESSONS: Make sure your piano is tuned and has adequate lighting. Please properly control pets and any possible interfering noise, e.g., radios, televisions, phone conversations. Best results are obtained in a quiet environment.

TARDINESS: Missed session time will not be made-up, unless it"s arranged in advance at instructor"s discretion.

PRACTICE: Practice is expected to be a regular, daily discipline, FREE from distractions.

RECITALS: Non adult students are required to a mandatory recital performance annually.

Tuition is due monthly in advance for ensuing month on the last lesson, whether or not student attended. Payments, received after the 1st of the month and returned checks will be subject to a $30 charge. Rates are subject to change with notice in advance.

REFUNDS: Prepaid lessons are NON REFUNDABLE for any reason, only make-ups given. A deposit, if charged, will be used toward tuition only with a 30-day notice in advance (see scheduling requirements).

CANCELLATIONS: For lessons cancelled at least 48 hours in advance, provision will be made for a make up lesson as long as it is scheduled no longer than one week from cancelled lesson. Late cancellations (ANY reason) or forgotten lessons WILL NOT be made up. An unpaid time slot can be reserved no longer than 2 weeks.