The best compliment you can give to me is a referral from you!
My name is Svetlana. I"m originally from Uzbekistan and have my home based jewelry designing business, so a teacher who understands Russian and comes to my house is very big convienence forme .

I met Ms. Nijole McCluskyfour years ago when she took beading lessons from me. After a year she became piano teacher for my son Grigorij and helped us with buying used piano. Then a year later I started taking piano lessons too. I really enjoy playing duests with Nijole.

Ms. McClusky is disciplined and organized - she is always on time, returns my phone callsASAP and tries to adjust her schedule to our needs.She cares about her students progress and remind them how important is to do their homework.

We are now friends and enjoy going to many concerts and other cultural events together.

Sincerely, Svetlana M.

My piano instructor Nijole McClusky has been wonderful. I have known her for three years now. Her enthusiasm to find appropriate, fun music to play enhances the lesson. Further, she is patient and encouraging.
In addition, she encourages all her students to attend various cultural events and piano/voice recitals as part of ones music education. Her annual performances at the valley retirement homes gives particular joy to the residents and allows students a kind audience to play before. I have a lot of fun taking lessons.

Sincerely, Sally R.

I met Ms. Nijole McClusky two years ago when she was subbing in my son"s preschool in Paradise Valley. She became piano teacher for my oldest son for about a year. Then six month ago she started teaching piano to all my children. My children are 10,8 and 6 now. Ms. McClusky is disciplined and organized teacher. She cares about her students and their homeworks. My children became very interested in learning/practicing the piano because of her. She has also become a cultural ambassador to our lives. Thanks to her prompt information our family recently enjoyed going to the opera. Since then, my children have become very interested in classical arts in general. Ms. McClusky is very professional and I am happy with choosing her as my children"s piano teacher.

Sincerely, Azita R.

I became acquainted with Nijole McClusky in fall of 1999 when I was President of Phoenix Music Teachers Association, where Nijole attended monthly meetings and was participating in the PMTA recitals and competitions. Her students were always well prepared which resulted in excellent performances. Nijole had been a fellow teacher/collegue as well as a friend. I am her accompanist when she performs vocal solos, and we collaborated on performing piano duets for PMTA and Piano Club.
Nijole is very musical, has an excellent education and background in music studies which prepares her for teaching private piano and voice lessons as well as group lessons.
Ms. McClusky is a teacher who sets goals for her students and motivates them. She always encourages them to reach perfection and praises when deserved. In addition to her friendly disposition, she is hard working and accepts her responsibilities in a very professional way.

Rosmary Stelmach

I met Ms. McClusky at the Cinderella ballet and right from the beginning I found her to be warm and friendly, and soon after that my daughter, who is 6 years old, started piano lessons with Ms McClusky. My daughter Aimee has greatly enjoyed her lessons and I find that she has a greater appreciation for music and the arts.

Sincerely, Robyn

My name is Eliza Osborn and I have a 9 year old daughter, Bryann. We met Ms. Nijole McClusky almost a year ago. Bryann has been a private voice student of Nijole and has been excelling in her singing under sincere Ms. McClusky"s guidance. We are even planning on starting piano lessons soon.

Ms. Nijole has taken Bryann under her wing, as I see it, and has encouraged Bryann to really enjoy, understand and embrace music theory. She has guided Bryann through her fear of performing in front of an audience. Without Ms. Nijole, I know that my daughter would not have come to love singing as much as she does now. When my daughter wanted to give up because of her own fears and lack of understanding, Ms. Nijole took such an interest in Bryann"s needs and made everything extremely comfortable. Ms. Nijole has overextended herself in making sure this learning experience has been the best. She is very professional, patient and sincerely interested in Bryann"s growth. Thank you Ms. Nijole.